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Tutorials - Do It Yourself - learn how

The videos below are designed to be tutorial introductions to some of the teaching and training provided by Program 2 Anything. More will be added as time allows.

Intrfacing ActionScript with the Arduino | Watch the  tutorial >>

Program 2 Anything can teach you to write ActionScript programs, or programs to control an Arduino Micro Controller. But can ActionScript be used to control and monitor an Arduino? The answer is yes, as this tutorial demonstrates.

Building a website in 25 minutes | Watch the tutorial >>

How difficult is it to build a good looking website? The answer is, with some time and effort, and a bit of training and support, not too difficult at all! This tutorial is currently hosted on our sister site DV 2 Anything, and will open in a new window.

Interfacing ActionScript to Arduino tutorial Flash For Free

Flash development for free | Watch the tutorial >>

If You want to program Flash/ActionScript applications, but you can’t afford to buy Flash Professional from Adobe you should watch this tutorial. it explains how you can develop Flash applications for absolutely nothing!