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Morse Sender - send Morse to anyone on your network

Morse Sender is an app that can be installed on Windows and Mac laptops and desktops. It converts text messages from a text file into Morse code, and transmits these messages over your network. These messages can be received by any version of Morse Code Intercom (Android app, web page embedded or Laptop/desktop installed).

NB: All receivers must be connected to your network and must be started in WiFi mode.

Morse Code Sender (like Morse Code Intercom) uses the Adobe AIR runtime to provide functionality. If you have not already installed Adobe air you will need to visit the Adobe website and install it.

How do I tell if Adobe AIR is already installed?

You can look in ‘Programs’ in ‘Control Panel’ on Windows 7 (or the Windows 10 equivalent), but to be honest it’s easier just to double click the downloaded MorseSender.air file. If AIR is installed the installation of Morse Code Sender will start. If AIR is not installed, on Windows (no idea what happens on a Mac), you will get a message  saying something like ‘Windows does not know what to do with this file’. If this happens go to the Adobe website and install AIR for your platform.

Once you have installed Morse Code Sender, double click its icon and the app will start. Its user interface is very similar to Morse Code Intercom (not surprising as Morse Sender is a hacked version of Morse Intercom).

You will see the ‘Clear Message’ and ‘Send Message’ buttons from Morse Intercom have been replaced by ‘Load File’ and ‘Send File’ buttons.

If you press ‘Send File’ the built in Christmas joke file from 2017 will be sent. If instead you press ‘Load File’ your computers standard ‘Open File’ window will pop up. Select a file. To get you started I’ve provided a ‘Morse.txt’ file to get you started.

When you start Morse Sender, if you are using Norton Internet Security, you will probably get a ‘suspicious activity’ message. It appears that Norton gets confused because Morse Sender transmits an ‘are you there’ message on a multicast address, rather than using a more common broadcast address.

Whatever anti virus software you use please tell it not to block this multicast address.