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Morse Code Intercom - send Morse to anyone or learn Morse

Morse Code Intercom lets you talk to other users in Morse code, or lets you learn Morse or improve your Morse skills. NB: This web version of Morse Intercom requires your browser supports Flash content. If your browser does not support Flash, and you want to run Morse Intercom on a laptop or desktop an installable version is available.

Yet another version exists for Android.

All versions of Morse Intercom can inter- operate.

At app startup you select if communication is to be limited to your Local Area Network (WiFi Mode), managed by your router, or is to be Internet wide.

WiFi mode just requires your router correctly handles multicast packets, but Internet Mode requires the assistance of external Adobe servers. Adobe servers are required because this app uses an Adobe peer to peer protocol to link users across The Internet.

If your browser supports Flash, you will see the main app window on the right of this screen. Start the web app just as you would the Android or desktop/laptop version, (by selecting ‘Startup in WiFi Mode’ or ‘Startup in Internet Mode’), Web/desktop/Android versions should be able to communicate. In the web version you will be asked to allow ‘peer assisted networking’ - please do so.

Peer assisted networking just means a web or Android device running Morse Code Intercom will directly connect to you, not exchange data via a central server.

NB: For technical reasons the newsfeed to Morse feature doesn’t work in the web version.

    Install the desktop version >>

    Install the Android version >>