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Morse Code Apps - ‘Morse Intercom’ and ‘Morse Sender’

‘Morse Intercom’ converts text to Morse code and transmits it. It’s available as an Android app, as well as an app embedded in a web page. Web and Android versions work seamlessly together. You can limit who hears your transmissions, and who can reply to your transmissions, to Intercoms connected to your local network, or you can start ‘Morse Intercom’ to work Internet wide. There is a special mode (currently only available on Android), which sets your Intercom into receive only mode. In receive only mode received messages are not played immediately and then lost. Instead they are queued and can be replayed as often as required, at any speed, and with any Farnsworth delay.

‘Morse Sender’ is probably of most interest to those running Morse code training programmes. It allows text messages to be sent in Morse to ‘Morse Intercom’ apps, probably running in receive only mode. Just like ‘Morse Intercom’ it can be run in local mode when only Intercoms connected to your local network will hear your transmissions, or in Internet mode, when anybody, anywhere in the World, will hear your transmissions. ‘Morse Sender’ can’t receive Morse messages, but can send preprepared messages.

Morse Intercom App Morse Sender App