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Morse Code Apps - ‘Morse Intercom’ and ‘Morse Sender’

Morse Code Intercom started life as an Android app that emulates a Morse Code transceiver. It can communicate with other instances of ‘Morse Code Intercom’ running anywhere on The Internet.

Later a training mode was added, its intention being to teach the user Morse or increase Morse competence.

Various versions have been built. One runs in a webpage (your browser must support Adobe Flash). Another can be installed on a Windows or Mac laptop/desktop (Adobe AIR required). All can be installed from this webpage.

Morse Code Sender is a companion app to Morse Code Intercom. It randomly generates Morse messages obtained from a text file. These messages can be received by Morse Code Intercom apps either running in the default Intercom mode or in Remote Training mode.

It has to be installed on a Windows/Mac desktop (there are no Android/webpage versions).

Morse Intercom App Morse Sender App