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Financial Calculators - downloadable AIR Apps

Here we have a compound interest calculator and a loan repayment calculator - not complicated, not sophisticated, and not a great user interface. What is interesting is that I’ve packaged both as Adobe AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) applications. You can use the calculators on this page, just like any other Flash web application, but you can also download and install them on your Windows, Mac or Linux PC, or on an Android phone or tablet (iPhone version coming soon). Once installed, you can run them even when you have no Internet connection.

If you learn to program in AS3, you will be able to produce stand-alone AIR desktop applications, as well as applications that are web based. Your AIR applications can be downloaded, and will run unchanged, on Windows based PCs, Apple Macs, Linux, and the latest mobile ‘phones! Pretty cool!

Play with these calculators - if you think they are useful, download and install the AIR versions. They are yours, they are free, forever!