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Morse Code Intercom - download desktop/laptop version

If you would like a version of Morse Code Intercom that can be installed on your desktop or laptop instead of running inside your browser, you can use the links on this page.

NB: When you run the installed version of Morse Code Intercom, your anti virus software might moan about two things.

i) My app does not have a verified digital signature. This is true as I self certify my apps rather than paying several hundred dollars for an external company to do this - If I paid them I’d have to charge you!

ii) it has detected suspicious activity. In particular it might  complain about an attempt to send to IP address This address is a so called multicast address. Morse Code Intercom relies on multicast addresses to allow one sender to transmit to multiple receivers, but even anti virus programs like Norton can’t get their digital heads around what is going on.

Be  assured I am not doing anything that could hurt you or your computer!

Download the ‘MorseIntercom.air’ file using the link below and double click the downloaded file. If the Adobe AIR runtime is already installed on your computer, Morse Code Intercom will be installed and an icon will be created on your desktop.

If when you double click MorseIntercom.air you get an error message such as ‘Your computer does not know what to do with this type of file’ , you don’t have the Adobe AIR runtime installed. Use the link below and follow the instructions to install the AIR runtime, then double click MorseIntercom.air to install Morse Code Intercom.