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Basic Colour Correction

Our eyes (actually our brain) is remarkably adaptive! Supermarket fluorescent lights emit a green hue. Candles on a birthday cake emit an orange light - in both cases our brain performs the operations required to make this light appear ‘white’.

Your camcorder will not do this unless, before filming, you tell it what it is it should consider to be ‘white’. Amateur cinematographers (and some professional ones) sometimes do not bother to do this. Another Example: Your old cine films, which on the day they were developed, projected a vibrant variety of colours from bright white to deep black, now exhibit a distinct pink or blue tint because some of the dyes in the film have faded, allowing those that have not to overpower the others.

Modern software can compensate for both situations - this tutorial will demonstrate how.

This tutorial is being produced and will be available soon!